Class: cXMLDOMDocumentFragment

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XML class for handling Document Fragments



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: Flexml.pkg

Mixins: cXMLDOMNodeMixin cXMLDOMMixin


cXmlDomDocumentFragment is similar to a cXmlDomDocument object, but it is not tied to a specified URL. Sometimes it is useful to extract a portion of a document's tree (for example, to copy to multiple documents) or to create a new document node by node. The cXmlDomDocumentObject fits this purpose well. The document can be assembled offline and then assigned to a document.

Note:Nodes of the cXmlDomDocumentFragment class have special, defined behavior for cXmlDomNode insert operations that makes it especially convenient for developers. When an DocumentFragment is inserted into a node of the cXmlDomElement class (or other node that can take children), the children of the DocumentFragment are inserted into the node rather than the DocumentFragment itself. This makes the DocumentFragment useful when the user wants to create nodes that are siblings; the DocumentFragment acts as the parent of these nodes so that the user can employ the standard methods from the cXMLDomNode interface, such as InsertBeforeNode and AddChildNode.

The children of a DocumentFragment node are zero or more nodes representing the tops of any subtrees defining the structure of the document. DocumentFragment nodes do not need to be well-formed XML documents (although they do need to follow the rules imposed upon well-formed XML parsed entities, which can have multiple top nodes). For example, a DocumentFragment might have only one child, and that child node could be a Text node. Such a structure model represents neither an HTML document nor a well-formed XML document.

This object has no unique properties or methods of its own, but exposes the same objects and properties as the cXMLDomNode Interface.

Using the XML Classes

The cXmlDomDocument class is the starting point for most XML processing. Refer to the cXmlDomDocument class for more information about the XML Document Object Model (DOM) and using XML within DataFlex. Samples are provided in this section.

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