Class: cXMLDOMDocumentType

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Contains information associated with the document type declaration



Library: Common (Windows and Web Application) Class Library

Package: Flexml.pkg

Mixins: cXMLDOMNodeMixin cXMLDOMMixin


The XMLDOMDocumentType object contains information associated with the document type declaration. Each document may have a document type definition node that allows the entities and notations of a DTD or schema to be obtained. Because nothing is currently (June 1999) settled as far as schema definitions are concerned, there is nothing else that a Document Type interface does, aside from giving us an interface to enumerate through the entities and notations. The version 1.0 DOM specification does not allow Document Type nodes to be manipulated. It's read-only.

Note:Each object of the cXmlDomDocumentType class includes a property that identifies the document's XMLDOMDocument object. The XMLDOMDocumentType object provides access to the list of entities and notations defined for the document.

Using the XML Classes

The cXmlDomDocument class is the starting point for most XML processing. Refer to the cXmlDomDocument class for more information about the XML Document Object Model (DOM) and using XML within DataFlex. Samples are provided in this section.

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