RemoveAttributeNS - cXMLDOMElement

Removes an attribute from an element node based on NamespaceURI and BaseName

Type: Procedure

Parameters: string sNameSpace string sBaseName

sNameSpaceThe attribute NamespaceURI
sBaseName the name of the attribute node to be removed

Procedure RemoveAttributeNS string sNameSpace string sBaseName

Call: Send RemoveAttributeNS sNameSpace sBaseName


RemoveAttributeNS removes a named (NamespaceURI and BaseName) attribute from an element node.

This sample removes an attribute with a global ("") namespace. This will be very typical.

Send RemoveAttributeNS of hoElement "" "Type"

This sample removes an attribute using a namespace. Note the use of the prefix (m:).

Move "" to sNS
Get ChildElementNS of hoRoot sNS "Customer" to hoCust

If (hoCust > 0) Begin
    Send RemoveAttributeNS of hoCust sNS "m:table" iTable
    Send Destroy of hoCust


This message removes a node and a document that is namespace aware. This requires that you always pass a NameSpaceURI. It is suggested that you always create documents using namespace methods (the methods that end in NS) and that you no longer use the non-namespace methods (e.g. use RemoveAttributeNS and not RemoveAttribute).

If your document does not have any namespaces or an element within the document does not have a namespace, its namespace is considered to be global and its NamespaceURI is represented as an empty string (""). In such a case you can and should use these namespace aware messages passing an empty string for the NameSpaceURI.

Attributes and Namespaces

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