FindNodeList - cXMLDOMNode

Searches an XML Document using an XPath query string returning a list of matching nodes

Type: Function

Return Data Type: Handle

Parameters: String sQueryString

sQueryStringSearch Query string

Return Value

Returns a handle to a cXmlDomNodeList object. If a node is not found, an empty node list object will be returned.

Function FindNodeList String sQueryString Returns Handle

Call: Get FindNodeList sQueryString to HandleVariable


FindNodeList is used search for an XML node. It is passed an XPath query string and returns an node-list XML object based on the cXMLDomNodeList class.

You can then use NodeListLength and CollectionNode to traverse and process these items as you need. The starting point of the search is the XML node receiving this message. The XML node list must be destroyed when no longer needed.

If your query only needs to return a single match, use FindNode.

The query string passed into the function is a standard XPath query string. XPath is a powerful and rich query language. A web search for "xpath xml" will provide you with the documentation needed to construct searches. You may also wish to limit your searches to Microsoft (msdn or msxml) as the DataFlex XML classes are based on the Microsoft XML objects.

See FindNode for more about using FindNode, FindNodeList and XPath. This also describes requirements when working with namespaces.

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