Class: dbForm_ [Abstract]

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Abstract class that supports data entry for one table column of one logical record at a time

This is an abstract class and should never be used by a developer for object instantiation. While a developer could use this class for sub-classing, it is not encouraged.



Library: Windows Application Class Library

Package: Dfentry.pkg

Mixins: Entry_Form_DS_mixin Nesting_Mixin Navigate_Mixin Verify_Mixin Server_Mixin Action_Bar_Mixin Find_Edit_Mixin Entry_Item_Mixin Entry_CheckBox_Mixin DEO_Delegate_Mixin Validate_Mixin Clear_Defaults_Mixin


dbForm_ is used to support data entry through an entry_item to one field of one logical record at a time. Its subclasses dbForm, dbCheckBox, and dbSpinForm should be used for sub-classing and instantiation.