DataFlex 2023 Beta 1 Release Notes

This page lists the specific list of changes in DataFlex 2023 between Alpha 2 and Beta 1.

See What's New in DataFlex 2023 for all new features in DataFlex 2023.

See DataFlex 2023 Alpha 2 Changes for the specific list of changes in DataFlex 2023 between Alpha 1 and Alpha 2.


WebList Grouping

The cWebList class now supports grouping of data. When enabled, the user can configure the groups via the context menu on the header of the list.

To enable grouping, the WebList must be set to load all data to the client (peDbGridType=gtAllData and peDbGridType <> gtManual) and then peGrouping can be set to grpAutomatic. By default, configured groups are stored in local storage so they can be restored after a page reload. This behavior can be configured and customized using properties and events.

The automatic grouping happens on the client in JavaScript. Manual grouping can also be performed by setting peGrouping to grpManual. When this is done, groups can be created from OnManualLoadData by filling in the aGroups and aGroupHeaders arrays.

The WebOrder and WebOrderMobile sample workspaces contain grouping samples under the Demo menu.


Web Grid Layout

The grid layout is a new layout system now available for web applications. It provides more control over the vertical positioning of your controls. It is based on the CSS grid layout.

To use this new layout type, change the peLayoutType property to ltGrid on any container (cWebView, cWebPanel, cWebGroup, cWebTabContainer, ..). The piRowCount and psRowHeights properties allow you to configure a grid to which controls can be snapped. Note that the Studio's WebApp Designer will help you with this.

By default, the peLayoutType property value is inherited from parent containers, but the flow layout and the grid layout can be mixed within applications and views.



A new project template is now available for creating FlexTron Applications. When using this template, the Studio will also support creating / adding web views.


Support for ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server

As of DataFlex 23.0, we support ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server.

The DataFlex SQL Server Driver (MSSQLDRV) 23.0 will now recognize and support ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server.

ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server has a breaking change, where the default value of the "Encrypt" connection option changed from optional/no to mandatory/yes.

When migrating from ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server or earlier, the changed default encryption error may result in the following error:

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server] SSL Provider: The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.

The SQL Connection Manager in DataFlex 2023 Studio now has encryption settings that can be set to send data encrypted and/or check certificates.


Other Improvements


SQL Query Executor




Studio Query Tester



Add new items to dynamic arrays using the Move item to aArray[-1] notation.

Procedure Example

    String[] Sentence


    Move "The" to Sentence[-1]

    Move "quick" to Sentence[-1]

    Move "brown" to Sentence[-1]

    Move "fox" to Sentence[-1]

    Move "jumps" to Sentence[-1]

    Move "..." to Sentence[-1]





By default, the CompilerWarning “AmbiguousFunctions” has been turned off.

The reason for this that it might not be an issue at all until you use them in an expression. For that behavior, you will now get an Error instead of a Warning as it creates undefined behavior.



Bug Fixes





WebApp Framework




Multiline Strings