What's New in DataFlex

Special Note for Online Help Users

During the pre-release cycles (Alpha, Beta and Release Candidates) of DataFlex 2023, the Online Help will always reflect the latest documentation available. If you are using earlier revisions of DataFlex but accessing the Online Help, some of the information you see is not applicable to your environment.

DataFlex is the most dynamic and comprehensive environment for building database applications for Windows and the Web.  Determining "What's New" depends on how much prior experience you may have and on which revision that experience is based.  Each of the sections in this book contain information on the specific changes made in each revision since DataFlex 18.0.

DataFlex 2023 - 23.0

DataFlex 2023 introduces FlexTron, which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications, allowing a more modern look and feel or just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications. DataFlex 2023 provides better tools for working with SQL with a New Embedded SQL API, including new classes, named parameter support, @SQL string with syntax highlighting and a SQL Query Tester in the Studio.

DataFlex 2022 - 20.1

DataFlex 2022 continues to expand developers' horizons with significant user-interface additions for your Web and Windows applications, evolutionary language improvements, tighter integration with SQL backends and enhanced performance, diagnostics and control over deployed web applications!

DataFlex 2021 - 20.0

DataFlex 2021 is the start of a new era for DataFlex, allowing your applications to take advantage of both 64-bit and full Unicode support. The Web Framework adds Dynamic Web Objects, WebTagForms, an HTML List control and support for Geolocation. The WebApp Server is more configurable and robust and the Studio has a new Dark Theme.

DataFlex 2019 - 19.1

DataFlex 19.1 brings exciting changes to all aspects of development. All projects benefit from the language and code cleanup, expanded compiler warnings and connectivity enhancements. Windows applications will take advantage of further DPI improvements, increased consistence and control over and form heights and embedded manifest files. Web and mobile applications now support history management and meaningful URLs, expandable lists, horizontal grid scrolling and an exciting new Material Design theme.

Take Special Note

Please take note that the language cleanup impacts all existing applications immediately, so it's important to understand that impact prior to migration. Make sure you read the What's New before migrating existing applications.

DataFlex 2017 - 19.0

DataFlex 2017 - 19.0 includes many new features and enhancements that make developing mobile, web and Windows applications easier and faster than ever before - especially with SQL databases!

SQL related highlights of this release include Managed Connections and improved index support. There are also exciting new controls for mobile applications. In the Windows desktop environment, applications now enjoy enhanced support for DPI awareness and Tabbed Workspace views, a new set of icons and an updated look. streamlined deployment for the Web Application Server deployment has been streamlined and there is a new look and new capabilities for the DataFlex 2017/19.0 Studio and supporting utilities.

DataFlex 2017/19.0 continues our commitment to extend and refine the Windows, web and mobile frameworks delivered in prior versions, providing application developers with state-of-the-art tools and technologies to build world-class software applications to meet today's and tomorrow’s business requirements.

DataFlex 2016 - 18.2

DataFlex 18.2 is a maintenance release that builds on the foundation of DataFlex 18.1. It focuses on developer suggestions and bug fixes. The enhancements and fixes range from the base system, up through data dictionaries and the framework and the developer tools themselves (especially the Studio). 

DataFlex 18.1

Still the premiere tool for Windows and web applications, DataFlex 18.1 pushes forward by now giving developers the ability to also build responsive web applications for any mobile device.

Applications can be created for one environment, Windows, web or mobile, or all three. Existing DataFlex WebApp code can be reused to include mobile interfaces.

The Studio, Data Dictionaries, the Framework, SQL connectivity, record handing, UChar Array support, and Struct and Array functions have all been optimized to provide developers with the needed tools to create limitless business applications, and that's just the beginning of the list of changes.

DataFlex 18.0

DataFlex is a complete, proven business application development and deployment platform for Windows and web business applications. By developing in a single language for different environments, DataFlex provides faster development and lower total application cost than competitors. DataFlex 2014 advances the platform’s feature set for Windows and web applications and implements numerous enhancements and customer suggestions to drive developer productivity up and total application cost down.