What's New in DataFlex 2024

DataFlex 2024 introduces a Canvas web control, SPLF Encryption, an Improved Grid Layout Designer, DD Structures on Web Tab Pages and more.

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Changes in DataFlex 2024 Update 1


Changes Between the Final Release and previous versions in the DataFlex 2024 release cycle

This page lists all new features in DataFlex 2024.

See DataFlex 2024 Final Release Changes for the specific list of changes in DataFlex 2024 between the Final Release and the Release Candidate.

See DataFlex 2024 Release Candidate Changes for the specific list of changes in DataFlex 2024 between the Release Candidate and Beta 2.

See DataFlex 2024 Beta 2 Changes for the specific list of changes in DataFlex 2024 between Beta 2 and Beta 1.


Date Changes in DataFlex 2024

When working with the SQL Executor, some developers encountered issues when the database contains 01-01-01 dates, also known as zero dates. The DataFlex Connectivity Kit (depending on its configuration) writes these dates for empty dates. One of the problems was that these dates sometimes get converted into 01-01-2001. Note that this was not caused by cSQLExecutor, but happens later when using the value (or displaying it in the debugger).

We added a new attribute, DF_DATE_4_STATE_ONLY_ON_PARSE, that fine tunes this behavior.

If DF_DATE_4_STATE_ONLY_ON_PARSE is set to True, it will only apply the epoch logic when converting from a String to a Date and the year only has 2 digits (so year 01 will be converted to 2001, but year 0001 is untouched). This is caused by the DF_DATE_4_STATE implementation in the runtime. This code adds 2000 (or 1900 depending on the DF_EPOCH_VALUE setting) when converting between dates and strings. If set to False, String to Date will use the DF_DATE_4STATE/DF_EPOCH_VALUE logic.

We also fixed the behavior of DataFlex Windows controls to use the setting of the new DF_DATE_4_STATE_ONLY_ON_PARSE attribute. Previously, dates of 01/01/0001 were converted to 01/0/1/2001 when displayed in controls with a Date or DateTime mask.

For DataFlex 24.0, this new attribute will default to False to prevent compatibility issues. It is intended to be set to True for an entire application.

Depending on test results, we intend to default the attribute to True and have this new behavior turned on for the next DataFlex revision.


New Features

cWebDrawing Class

This new web control allows the developer to create vector drawings in their web applications from DataFlex code. It can be used for various activities, like drawing charts, maps and even the creation of small games. See it in action in WebOrder under Demo > Controls > Drawing. See cWebDrawing for more information.


SPLF Encryption

WebApp Server now encrypts the connection between the SPLF (Security, Performance, Load Balancing and Failover) master and the application nodes. An encryption token can be configured per node to improve the strength of the encryption.


Improved Grid Layout Designer

The Web Designer in the Studio has been enhanced for the grid layout. A new popup for editing grid rows and columns is included which also supports inserting and removing rows / columns. The context menu on the designer now has an option to convert from flow layout to grid layout. It fills in the missing property settings (psRowHeights, piRowCount, piRowIndex) by analyzing the existing flow layout code.

Data Dictionary Structures on Web Tab Pages

Web container controls like the cWebTabPage, cWebCard, cWebPanel and cWebGroup can now contain their own DDO (DataDictionary Object) structure. No additional calls to AddDDOStructure are necessary when Main_DD is set and the Data Dictionary object names do not have to be unique in the view any more. The DDO Explorer panel of the Studio has also been extended for this feature, it can now display multiple DDO structures.



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JavaScript Engine crashed on empty cWebDateForm.










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